Love, Note


«I tell you now that everyone should honor Eros, that I myself do honor to all matters of love with special devotion; and I encourage others to do the same. Now, and for all time, I praise the power and vigor of Eros, to the limits of my ability. (Socrates to Phaedrus, in: Symposium, c. 380 BC)


Omega and Alpha

Until now, dear readers, I have been taking the liberty of entertaining you with art from Latin America and playing out thoughts of all sorts on this topic for a full four years. I thoroughly hope you enjoyed it and were able to take some inspiration. As they say, you should always stop when it`s most beautiful. So, I suggest we set out for new shores now. I fervently hope to preserve your goodwill and keep engaging your curiosity—from now on in Hans’s Parlor! All you need is to lean back and open the e-mails that I will keep sending every other Sunday. Hans’s Parlor: What will it be about?

“Omega and Alpha”


What does Madame de Staël have to do with Latin America?

My intention is to save the world, or, more precisely, the world of arts. No less will do as justification for writing these lines, with a plethora of ideas, experiences, and memories for more already up my sleeve. To save the world of arts—from what? From downfall by decadence, from ruin by rot, and above all, from the errors of economics. Even good old Duchamp would be turning over in his grave in view of some of the things happening ostensibly in his name …

“What does Madame de Staël have to do with Latin America?”