What does Madame de Staël have to do with Latin America?

My intention is to save the world, or, more precisely, the world of arts. No less will do as justification for writing these lines, with a plethora of ideas, experiences, and memories for more already up my sleeve. To save the world of arts—from what? From downfall by decadence, from ruin by rot, and above all, from the errors of economics. Even good old Duchamp would be turning over in his grave in view of some of the things happening ostensibly in his name …

My backbone: the wealth of Latin American art

Those of you who know me also know that I look back on decades of professional life and personal involvement with art, and in particular, on some 20 years with Latin American art. I am a lucky man: with the Daros Latinamerica Collection, I had the opportunity to meet so many artists, to have a true exchange with so many interesting people, to explore so many inspiring artworks! So much mental, spiritual, intellectual, and human wealth that goes so far beyond the price tag.

What good will it do to keep it all to myself? This blog will be for sharing. My insights from the time with Daros Latinamerica shall serve as the backbone onto which I shall hang my thoughts like pieces of meat. I hope that you will take the bait and respond in kind, with your comments, contributions, and challenges. Together, we can flesh out the looted corpse, and fill art with meaning again.

Cast off those cozy conceptual and turbo-capitalist corsets!

Art is more than merely a commodity, and the artist is more than an executor of ephemeral fads. Art and artists have something to say to us. Art is anchored in society and deeply involved in all human experience. And at the same time, art transcends all contexts, pointing at what is possible beyond. It seems old-fashioned to say so? Perhaps, but it needs saying, nevertheless.

In this blog, my art salon, I want to go back to the basics, to return to the original meaning of art, to ask such timeless questions as: What is art for? What does a certain artwork mean? What is the intention of the artist? What can we learn, together, if we talk and listen to each other?

Above all, I want art to be free (and enjoyable)!

This brings me back to Madame de Stael, whose request to the visitors of her Parisian salon in the late 18th century I will keep in mind: “Mon ami, in my salon, you may do as you like and you may be anything but boring!”

Welcome to my salon!

  1. A great initiative Hans! Yes, with art we ask questions and affirm our humanity.

  2. congratulations, dear Hans-Michael! A fantastic way to publish new ideas and old questions

  3. Qué agradable sorpresa! It’s always the right time to ask questions, but in the art world / the art market it’s really time to get some answers too. So I am curious to read more soon! ——- Boris

  4. Wonderful! Basic questions are never wrong. I am looking forward to see with what answers you will surprise us, and from which perspective you will tackle things. Samuel

  5. Great idea Hans!
    Looking forward to learning, sharing, and establishing a dialogue on a topic we are both passionate about!

  6. sure HANS, we ready to read & simultaneously think & now & then, I suppose feed-back. not today. we are off to DAKAR in 2 weeks & too much work to do. later more.


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